PowerApps Rocks!

The Citizen Dev Toolbelt

Citizen developers in the know already use the complete suite of PowerPlatform tools (PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI, Sharepoint, Azure services, etc.). Below is my curated list of additional tools I use ALL THE TIME as a PowerPlatform developer.

Tool list

Program Name Cost Uses
Postman Free Test API calls to various services. VITAL for creating custom connectors
Techsmith Camtasia and Snagit $275 Recording videos and walkthroughs of PowerApps; create quick, annotated screenshots
VS Code Free Documentation, working with Azure Functions, basically everything!
SQL Server Mgmt. Studio Free Creating SQL tables, performing SQL queries
Draw.io Free Creating diagrams, workflows, documentation, etc.
KeePass Free Generating and storing complex passwords for various services
Microsoft Whiteboard Free Brainstorming, quickly explaining topics
Git Free Interact with Github from your local computer
PowerToys Free Awesome on-screen color picker/palette generator and other toys
Node.JS Free Javascript runtime env. Used for interacting with javascript libraries and NPM packages
PowerPlatform CLI Free Command Line tool for performing PowerApps admin tasks
Azure CLI Free Command Line tool for performing Azure admin tasks
Windows Subsystem for Linux Free Turn your Windows machine into a Linux box (kinda!)
Chrome browser Free Great browser for testing
Trimble Sketchup ~$300/yr Quickly and easily create 3D models for your projects
PowerShell PowerApps cmdlets Free Perform admin tasks on the PowerPlatform
Azure Storage Explorer Free Navigate Azure Blob Storage from the Desktop