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1 Minute PowerTrip

Distraction-Free PowerAppsWhenever a PowerApps URL is communicated to users, append &hidenavbar=true to reduce distractions and keep user focus on your PowerApp!BeforeOriginal PowerApps URL:https://apps.powerapps.com/play/?tenantId=Busy menu

The Citizen Dev Toolbelt

Citizen developers in the know already use the complete suite of PowerPlatform tools (PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI, Sharepoint, Azure services, etc.). Below is my curated list of additional tools I use ALL THE TIME as a PowerPlatform

Whats your PowerConfig?

Updated code!: 2023-07-18T20:14:12-07:00The OnStart property in PowerApps is super important to get right. Its the place to communicate critical info about your app to developers (and your future self) as well as setup users for a good experience. So

Name All The Things!

Why are PowerApps naming conventions important?PowerApps autogenerates a name for each Control as its added to the screen. Its imperative that you override the autogenerated name with a standard naming convention that is agreed upon (and documented!)

PowerHack of the Week!

Grab beautiful colors from anywhere on-screen!Note: This tool is for Windows computers only.Get Microsoft PowerToys!Download from here and installOnce installed, click Win + SHFT + C to activate the ColorPickerSelect a color from anywhere on your

Wheres the Code!?

For the uninitiated, locating the critical code within a PowerApp can be quite a source of frustration. Involving things like inheriting the code of others and non-standard code placement and even seasoned PowerVets reel at the thought of a full